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About Us

Simply Delicious was established in 2008 as a full service catering division of Hallmark Management Service, Inc, a Company with nearly 50 years of history in the Columbus area.  In 2015, we moved our corporate headquarters to a 16,000 sq. ft. facility in downtown Columbus, OH.  From this location, we boast one of the largest catering facilities in the area.  This state of the art facility serves as our production and culinary center, enabling us to constantly create new recipes and readily serve the entire Columbus metro area.


Style and Creativity

Catering is always a wonderful opportunity to be creative. A catered event is about creating a memorable experience. We see events as an opportunity to push our own sense of style whether keeping current with trends or matching the theme of the function. Our team is creative not only in designing your event but also working out the logistics inherent to a function. We strive to know that your guests will be talking about their great experience even after your event is over. Creativity. It’s what we do!



Flavorful and Delicious


Our culinary team knows flavor! Keeping up with today’s trends is a busy job because flavor is all around us each and every day! We see food as artistic with such a diverse array of colorful ingredients from which to work. Flavor tells the story of the food we are experiencing but it also ignites all of our senses. In the matter of a moment an aroma or taste of something can transport us back in time linked to great memories.



Attentive and Hospitable


Hospitality is literally at our core as one of the ways we align ourselves within our company. Memorable experiences are created only when there is impeccable service. Our staff will work hard to be attentive in anticipating your needs so that you can focus on your guests. We work hard at making everything look effortless.